WTA Mission

In 1989, the Tibetan U.S. Resettlement Project (TUSRP), a coalition of Tibetan-in-exile and their  American supporters, persuaded the U.S. Congress to provide 1,000 visas for Tibetans as part of the comprehensive Immigration Act of 1990. Twenty-one cluster sites were established across the United States by American volunteers to welcome and help resettle the 1,000 Tibetan immigrants in their new communities. These Tibetans are also the 1,000 ambassadors for the future survival of Tibet. In the process, these new Americans will be sharing their ancient wisdom through Tibetan culture, art, religion, and science. This grassroots interaction will no doubt prove mutually beneficial for Tibetans and Americans alike – enriching the lives of all.

The members of The Wisconsin Tibetan Association may be any of the approximately 500 Tibetans  residing in Wisconsin. The Association is governed by at least nine directors who are elected every two years. The Wisconsin Tibetan Association is a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable organization.

WTA Mission:

The purpose of the Association is to improve human rights in Tibet and to assist the settlement of Tibetan exiles and refugees, particularly those in Wisconsin.