Chithue Session Matters [2nd Special Meeting]

Dear President of the Tibetan Associations,

I would like to thank all those Association who send a delegate to
attend the 2nd special Meeting and thoughts and views of your
community members.

Your Chithues are back home from Dharamsala after attending the 4th
Session of the 15th Tibetan Parliament from September 14 to 22
followed by  4 days of 2nd Special Meeting from September 25- 28,
2012. I would like to say that it was very fruitful Chithue Session as
well as the Special Meeting.

I did bring up an amendment to the Charter to strengthen the working
relationship between the Tibetan Associations & Tibetan Communities
around the world and Central Tibetan Administration and sponsored a
private member bill but unfortunately it did not pass. However, I
thinking of bringing  it up again in the next Session in March 2013.

Here are some highlights of the Chithue Session and Special Meeting.
Please share it with your community members.


a.    It was a very hectic session. The first day was devoted to in-depth
deliberation on the critical situation in Tibet. It passed six point
resolutions demanding among others an end to the Chinese repressive
policies in Tibet.

b.    The Session also passed unanimous resolution expressing deep regret
at the hurt feeling of  His Holiness the Dalai Lama & urged that
every single Tibetans to remain conscious of their personal
responsibilities in relation to the larger cause of the Tibetan

c.    The Parliament amended charter to change the official title of
"Kalon Tripa" to "Sikyong." This translates to 'Political Leader". The
Session also carried out amendment to Charter and related rules
necessitated by the name change of "Kalon Tripa" to "Sikyong"

d.    The Session debated on  the  annual work report of Kashag  and
reviewed the  Parliament Standing committee report of Kashag's work.


a.    The 4 day special General Meeting was attend by 432 delegates from
26 countries. Chithue Norbu Tsering la and I had working dinner with
North America delegates attending the Special Meeting to discuss
getting the view points of the North America Community in the various
working groups. The delegates from North America were in 9 of the ten
working committees. I am glad to note that number of our view points
could be included in the 31 unanimous recommendation of the

b.    The Meeting discussed three agendas namely 1) How to mobilize and
carry the movement forward & effectively within the Tibetan Community,
2) Mobilize and strengthen Tibetan support in Asia, and 3) Mobilize &
strengthen the International support for Tibet. Attached the final
recommendations of the 2nd Special Meeting

If you have any question and concerns, please feel free to let me know.
Thank you,

Chithue Tashi Namgyal










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