Community Center

The aspirations for a "WTA Community Center" and where we are now:
Since 1998 the Wisconsin Tibetan Association has been persistent in its aspirations to purchase a property for a community center where the Tibetan community here in Wisconsin could gather for meetings, social interaction, a place to provide childcare for its members,  a storage for all its costumes and other equipments collected over the years and as a place for the retiring elder members of the Tibetan community to meet and entertain themselves as well as passing from word of mouth their past experiences to the younger generation who have no recollection of how it was in the old days. And very importantly the Tibetan Language School would have a permanent place of their own for the teaching, learning and propagation of the Tibetan language and culture not only for Tibetan children but also become a resource center for non-Tibetans for everything Tibetan.
Towards realizing this WTA had tried to garner financial support from its members  through a family based pledge drive within the WTA members who would have to bear the full financial burden of buying and running the center. The first pledge drive was in 2002. We were able to get only 70 families pledging their full support for the project. This fell far short of the 110 pledges needed to pay for the community center. Then in 2004 a housing committee was elected to spearhead this project and based on its deliberations and recommendations a revised individual based pledge form was issued and collected. The new pledge forms were collected by 3/25/2009. Once again the number of individual pledges collected with yes votes was only 170 far from the target number of 220 individual pledges needed.
On4/18/09 a general WTA community meeting was convened to finally discuss the future of the community center. The community members were made aware of the housing committee's recommendations to hold off the purchase in the light of the shortfall and instead raise funds for this year so that the community would not have to bear the burden of mortgage payments. Then the floor was opened to the public for their input. After one and a half hours of deliberations the President put the following to vote.
a)To buy a property for the community Center regardless of the shortfall in pledges of support.
b)To not to buy property for a Community Center due to the shortfall of pledge forms and instead to do more fundraising until we have enough funds to buy the community center without having to collect monthly contributions from the community members.
The vote was as follows: -
11 members said yes to buy the community center.
16 members voted to put off buying for now and instead do more fundraising.
With this vote the decision to buy a community center has been shelved for the time being and in the mean time we have established a Fund-raising committee to go into the various ways to raise funds towards this project.
FYI: 3209 Latham Dr  status is sold. We will have meeting very soon regarding community center.