The Tibetan New Year – Losar (Wood Dog Year) falls on February 16, 2018.  Please join us in welcoming in the New Year with prayers and wishes for healthy, happy and successful year.

The celebration program is as follows:


February 16, 2018Friday:
– 10.00 AM at Deer Park: Prayers to include the 16 Arthants,  21 Tara Praise,  Long Life Prayers for His Holiness ending with scarf offering to HH’s throne.
– Sangsol
– 10.00 PM: Losar Night (dance party) with  professional DJ. Tickets are limited and will be sold shortly.  Venue: to be determined (TBA) but will be announced ahead of time.

February 17, 2018Saturday:
– 6.00 PM at Turner Hall:  WTA board members have arranged a pleasant Losar celebration with dinner, cultural shows along with other entertainment.  Please make sure to join us with your family and friends for a carefree evening of good food, fun, laughter and entertainment in midst of a warm and harmonious atmosphere.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you