Solidarity with Tibet Program at New York– Dec 10, 2017

Dear All,

Tashi Delek!  My name is Tenzin Rangdol and I am the President of TANC and the Media Coordinator for the Solidarity with Tibet rally to be held on Dec 10, 2017, in NY.
I am writing this email to share with you on the following;
1.  Solidarity with Tibet Program –  It is attached to the email.  
2. Public Program – It is attached to the email.  You can share and advertise it on each association’s means of communication.
3. The website for the Rally: We have created a website for the rally and its web address is, .  Please share it widely as it has almost all the necessary information.  
I am looking forward to seeing you all on Dec 10, 2017, in New York.  Thank you all for your great community service.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us from the steering committee members, and you will have all of our contact info in the program for the public file.
I would really appreciate if you could confirm the receipt of this email.
Thank you once again.



Tenzin Rangdol

Tibetan Association of Northern California
5200 Huntington Ave #200
Richmond, CA 94804

Click/tap the link below[PDF file]