Gathering / Schedule / Activity


With the end of the special prayers session and start of a new year, we are back to holding our monthly prayers on the 1st Saturday of every month until further notice. The prayers will start at 5.00pm each month in Deer Park. Should there be a change in the schedule due to unforeseable reasons, notice will be sent out through email, social media and mass call. The schedule for the next four months are as below, with the name of the family sponsoring the tea/snacks. Please contact Samdup la (608-471-3254) or Lobsang (608-698-8260) if there are any interested sponsors for tea/snacks.

1/5/19 Saturday @5.00pm at Deer Park : Sponsor: Amdo Thargyal la and family.

2/2/19 Saturday @5.00 pm at Deer Park.

3/2/19 Saturday @ 5.00pm at Deer Park.

4/6/19 Saturday @ 5.00 pm at Deer Park


The celebration program is as follows:

February 5, 2019 (Tuesday) at 10.00am: Deer Park:

Losar – Tibetan New Year falls on Tuesday, February 5, 2019. WTA Board members request all community members and friends to join us in welcoming the new year ( EARTH PIG) with prayers and good wishes for good health, happiness and a successful year.

We get together on the first day of Losar to pray and share tea/day-sil. The prayers will include the 16 arthants, 21 Tara Praises, Long life prayers for His Holiness and will end with offering scarf offerings to HH’s throne. We will then head to the Chorten for Sangsol – incense burning. If weather permits, we can partake in a few Gorsheys too.

February 9, 2019 (Saturday) @ 6.00PM at TURNER HALL on Stoughton Rd:

WTA would like community members and friends to join us for an enjoyable evening with cultural entertainment and delicious meal freshly prepared by our board members and a few highly accomplished cooks. This event is being organized by WTA so that we can all get together to celebrate the onset of a fresh new year and welcome in a year filled with good health, happiness and success for all.! We hope to see you all….